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Who is Aliveris

Aliveris is part of the Food Italiae food supply chain that has obtained important certifications: BRC, IFS, and ICEA, synonymous with quality and safety for the consumer.

It is a project that was created with the mission of developing scientifically innovative foods with the organoleptic characteristics of traditional foods.

Aliveris Pasta is the first product to be developedas a result of a collaboration between American university researchers, including Prof. Setchell, and other Italian researchers.

Aliveris pasta is a unique product in the world, and protected by Invention Patent No.102004901270687.

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Our certifications

is aimed at facilitating the selection of food suppliers in the retail sector, based on their ability to provide healthy and safe products.

ensures that branded products are obtained according to well-defined quality standards and in compliance with the certification requirements.

certifies that Food Italiae sells products that meet the requirements for organic products.

Our product lines

Why Choose Aliveris?

Pasta with organic soy germ 

Aliveris pasta, a collaboration with university researchers from two continents, is the only pasta in the world that contains Soybean Germ.

Soybean Germ is the largest natural source of isoflavones and contains fibre, Vitamin E and protein. This special ingredient makes Aliveris easily digestible and gives it a perfect hold during cooking.

Artisanal pasta

After the great success of our pasta with soy germ, Aliveris wanted to create an artisanal product that would remind the consumer of "homemade pasta" that is typical of Italian tradition.

That’s where the artisanal line of bronze-drawn pasta started. It is made by slow, low-temperature drying.

This line is the combination of craftsmanship and select high quality raw ingredients.

These methods result in a product that retains its lightweight qualities and its texture, thereby making it possible to rediscover the flavour of pasta the way it used to be made.


Traceability & Innovation

In a world that is evolving at the speed of light, where quantity is often preferred over quality, we wanted to support our customers by offering a healthy, safe and fully traceable product.

To this end, we recently launched a Blockchain project in collaboration with IBM.


The project allows customers to find out all the steps that went into the production of the product. From planting to harvesting, from processing to packaging; it will all be available for the customer at the click of a button.


We believe in transparency

Aliveris is part of the Food Italiae project: the food supply chain that protects traditional foods and product safety.

The Brand can meet the modern consumer's demands for total transparency and accessibility of information, for peace of mind in everyday shopping.

Quality as a starting point. The company has seen elite realities in the world of Food & Beverage, and aims to bring different products to the table, like those of yesteryear.
The supply chain is able to optimise production and distribution, thereby reducing waste in favour of the concepts of reuse and environmental wellness.
Customers can use the QRCODE on the packaging to learn about the history of the purchased product and the steps of its processing, from the land to the table.
A strict regulatory process is applied in full, throughout the Supply Chain. This means safety, guarantees and quality:all fundamental and indispensable values for Food Italiae.

Aliveris is a product

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